December 1989.

‘Born in Time’ of Bob Dylan sounds at the cafeteria when a spoon drops off the coffee dish just before the waiter can prop it on the bar. The spoon falls to the void but the blow of the metal against the ground is deafened by his weeping at birth. He is called Lonan. Nine years after his father discovers they ran out of sugar and Lonan handling a camera for his first short film. His teacher had a bad awakening. She left home without having breakfast and now she pronounces Lonan’s name clenching her teeth because he never attends and deliberately fails all his exams. Lonan does not drink coffee yet when he quits school to enroll into the film college: he is 15 years old then. Shortly after, he begins to work in publicity, where he combines endless hours of filming with photography and direction studies. Meanwhile, he reaffirms his passion for cinema; also for coffee. He is called to lead various audiovisual projects. Between video clips, publicity and other assignments Lonan is forming a unique style as rigorous as his daily preparation of coffee with cardamom and cinnamon. Lonan is 24 years old when he debuts in fiction with ‘Zona-84’ thanks to large doses of perseverance and caffeine. For this and other projects he is awarded 17 times. Seventeen are the laps that Lonan circles the spoon to dissolve the sugar in the opposite direction you would do it, because he is left-handed and irremediably creative. When finished, he places the spoon on the edge of the coffee dish and carries the perfect set to the desk: he is ready to start a new production. No flaws.

He turns on his old radio and sounds ‘Born in time’ of Bob Dylan.